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Though we have already been in Tanzania for one year, this is a journal of our time at Haven of Peace Academy in Dar es Salaam. Karibu sana.

September 08, 2007

HOPAC Newsletter

Thought you might be interested in reading Steve's beginning of school year letter to the parent community...

Welcome back to a new school year, and for many of you, a new school year to Haven of Peace Academy. We’ve had an excellent start, and there’s much to celebrate. I’m particularly thankful that we are able to offer our excellent education to a greater number of students. During this, our 14th school year, we now enrol 288 students and extend from Kindergarten all the way up to Grade 12. We’ve also added 53 new students to the roll.

Over the long holiday, there were several noteworthy things that took place. We received news in late June that HOPAC was granted membership into the Council of International Schools which will help us in the areas of staff development, higher education consulting, and staff recruitment. The computer lab was updated and equipped with 25 new state of the art computers. And finally, we received news in early August about the excellent IGCSE and AS Level examinations results. The IGCSE marks, in particular, exceeded all previous HOPAC results and are internationally recognizable.

Our strategic plan, VISION 2010, continues to provide a framework for our focus and growth. Let me draw your attention to a few outcomes. There have been several positive changes recently to the overall curriculum and program. HOPAC now offers the Cambridge International Programme from Kindergarten through Grade 12 with the Primary Programme (CIPP), IGCSE, and AS/A Levels. The new focus at the primary level will strengthen the curriculum and instruction at each grade level, and the new AS/A Level curriculum and examinations will provide an excellent preparation and opportunities for university admission. Additionally, I’m pleased that for this new school year, art and Kiswahili have expanded into the secondary school and that French is now being offered for the first time. Finally, the service emphasis week at the end of last school year was very successful and will happen again this school year. This is one way, from many that we provide, in which our students can live out HOPAC’s motto emblazoned on the new school uniforms-“Leadership, Service, Stewardship”.

The need to expand our campus infrastructure to address all of this growth continues to be a matter of high priority. We opened the secondary science building in September 2006. Very soon, the swimming pool will be opened. Plans at the Board of Governors and management level are now being discussed for the next construction project which will be an administration building at the front of campus. The building will not only provide necessary offices for staff and for a new health services/infirmary, but it will provide greater security and customer service with a location at the front entry way near the car park. Also, moving from the present administration building will free up necessary instructional space for the upper secondary grades.

The curriculum, programs, and buildings are certainly important, but even more important are the staff. I’m excited to have 15 new staff members join us. These are individuals who are dedicated Christians, high quality educators, and passionate about educating your students. That’s the real recipe for success at an excellent Christ-centred school!

Please make a point to hear more about the great things happening at HOPAC by marking your calendars for the Open Houses taking place on 13 September (Primary) and 20 September (Secondary). These are great evenings for you to connect with other parents, see your student’s teachers, and learn more about what’s happening at HOPAC.

We look forward to serving your children this school year as we count this both a real privilege and blessing.

Warm regards,

Steve O’Neil


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